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  Wow!  I had heard from another provider that you were prompt, but I never expected Friday night service.Thank you.

Evelyn Figueroa, MD (Family Practice)
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Breast Pumps and Insurance Coverage 


Please Read Carefully

According to the Affordable Care Act, Insurance plans are now required to cover breast pumps.

We are a licensed Home Medical Supply / DME. 

We have pumps in stock!

We will ship your pump to you and we will provide paperwork that will include everything the insurance company will need for you to submit an insurance claim. If you are willing to share your insurance information, we will submit a paper claim to your insurance. We are out of network

Insurance companies tell us that they are not accepting new enrollment for in-network DME providers even though their DME providers do not meet the needs of pregnant / nursing women.  We have been in business long before the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies always find a loophole so they don't have to pay. Frustrating... we know.

Call your insurance company. Call customer service and then call again and ask for the claims department.  Call twice. You could get two very different responses. Ask if you can have "prior authorization" to go out of network. Always get this in writing or ask for a reference number to that particular phone conversation so you can always go back to it if necessary. Ask what is "usual and customary" coverage if you do go out of network.  Unless you work for the same company, each insurance plan is different. It is negotiated between your employer and the insurance company. For example, your BCBS PPO plan is not the same as your neighbors, or your sister's coverage.

On our website, request the price and you will receive a link to the shopping cart which will then show the price and take you to the checkout. Our prices are LESS than department or baby stores. We will ship UPS in 24-48 hrs.

We do accept Flex Spending Account (FSA) Debit / Credit Cards since we are a Home Medical Supply / DME.

We have made it a policy to have the customer pay by credit card pending adjudication by the insurance company.  We have learned the hard way that when we issue the pump and a claim is denied, customers are angry with insurance then don't want to pay us and get even more upset when we take them to collections.

When the insurance company issues the check to us as the DME provider then we provide you with a refund for the same amount as the reimbursement.  

Our prices are much less than retail and in the event that your claim is denied, your purchase from a Home Medical Supply / DME is tax deductible.  

If your claim is denied despite what they tell you, if you have the time and energy, fight for an appeal. 

Should you have additional questions call or text my cell at 773-517-2720.  You may also send me an email.  

I am a midwife, I want to help women breastfeed. 

Most Sincerely,

Sandie Mulcrone APN / CNM, MS